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Whether it's an app that helps candidates and recruiters connect on equal terms... a book introducing a whole new way to think about how we're connected to one another... a podcasting platform that helps you get heard... or a whole new way of navigating challenging team dynamics... E2Ink is on the leading edge of thought and action.


Work better, by learning how you work best.

CycloPraxis identifies the natural working preferences of employees according to the lifecycle stage of a business. At, we explore the details, implications, and potential applications of this new way of thinking about how people work best.

  • Career direction is often determined by function - what kind of field you want to move into.
  • But personal working styles and preferences ("Praxis") can be a stronger determiner of effectiveness, than function alone.
  • People work best in a certain phase ("cycle") of business development or project execution. That's where they're most effective -- and happy.
  • A poor CycloPraxis match (putting someone who's an Innovator in a Capitalizing position) negatively impacts performance.
  • A good CycloPraxis match (when someone works in a phase they're most comfortable in), they're more effective, efficient... and happy.


Apps that lead. And enable.

Recruit Ready app on all devices

Recruit Ready

Today's job market is dynamic and often uncertain. But connecting with the right recruiters can keep your career on track.

You need every advantage, when it comes to making your next move.

  • Companies right-size and downsize. Sometimes without warning.
  • Shifting markets and industries may require different skills.
  • If your professional information is out-of-date, you can miss opportunities.

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With Recruit Ready, Stay in the Game... Even if You're Not Looking

  • Take the pulse of the present job market, even if you're not currently looking.
  • Work with professionals whose job it is to connect you with opportunities.
  • Keep your contact and skills information up-to-date.
  • Make sure - if they call - they're calling about the kind of work you do.

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Launched in 2006, this leader in the podcasting space allowed individuals to host their shows, generate their own podcast feeds, and create their own podcast pages.

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Turn your browser into a podcast player with the Podtopia CastCatcher

  • Enter the url of the podcast feed
  • The Cast Catcher turns your browser into a player, showing the podcast details.
  • Bookmark the Cast Catcher window, to return to it later.
  • Unlimited number of podcasts displayed

Try the CastCatcher website

Launched in 2017, lets you search for free and public domain imagery on over 30 sites from a single access point.

Fissy -- Free Image Site Search, Yeah!

Find Free Images on Fissy


Independent book publishing... and production assistance for authors

From personal mythology to neurobiology, from religion to audio production, from poetry to technical how-to manuals, E2Ink has been publishing independent thought since the end of the last century.

Beloved Distance: The Separation That Connects Us to All

Published January, 2018

We live in a world on fire.

Everywhere we turn, there’s discord, strife, violence. It feels like everything is falling apart, and the global suffering never seems to end.

What can we do?

Some say, we must eradicate separation and experience Unity, in order to step back from the brink of destruction. We must come together As One, and embrace a sense of universal connection.

The only problem is, separation is central to our human experience. We are separate beings, distinct from each other. And we constantly seek to distinguish ourselves from others, as part of our community-building work.

This book explores how we can embrace separation and distance as a vital part of our human lives. It asks us to look within – to the very structure of our cells – to find answers… and ultimately meaning… in the way we’re built, and the way we are built to connect.

Separation is what we are.

Connection is what we do.

Join this journey into the innermost workings of the amazing human body, and let it change your ideas about the outermost workings of the human species.

Explore Your Own Beloved Distance

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Publishing Assistance

Want to get your own work out there? E2Ink can help. We've launched projects with new and established authors. Find out what's possible.


On-air since 1996, and still going strong!

Women In Music with Laney Goodman

Women In Music with Laney Goodman

Broadcast nationally since October, 1996, Women In Music is a weekly one-hour radio show featuring the music of some of the most talented female artists on the music scene today. Whether it's singer/songwriter, folk, dance, world beat, blues, classical, or electronica, Women In Music has something for everyone.

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Audacity Training

Want to learn how to leverage one of the most powerful and versatile (and free) audio production tools available? E2Ink has been training independent recording artists for nearly 10 years.


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Kay Stoner, Publisher, Producer, Product Creator

Writing since 1973, publishing since 1991, coding since 1995, I've been on the leading edge of practical innovation for decades. I identify problems that need to be fixed, and then I architect sustainable solutions that scale. With over 10 book titles published, multiple applications developed and launched, and a nationally syndicated radio show still going strong after 22+ years, there's plenty more to discover and develop. I single-handedly move more than a ton of New England snow each winter, and that's while I'm waiting for my computer to catch up with me. E2Ink is my laboratory, my workshop, my launchpad. You'd be surprised, what all is possible.

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